Groups of support

Supportive group activities for patients with cancer are increasingly more common. Except for those cases with depression or other severe disorders, group activities are most suitable and help the affected persons not to feel lonely or isolated. Patients often claim that their best friends are those who have also suffered from cancer, as they understand each other better. As a result of a short encounter in a waiting room or in a group, patients often begin to exchange very private information as they feel close because of going through the same experience.

Group activities are also being used increasingly with the relatives of the patients, who can also feel close to each other as a result of sharing a “common cause” that clearly identifies them as a specific group (e.g.: parents of children with cancer, wives of men with prostate cancer, etc.) or the phase or stage of the disease they are going through (the most common being terminal phases or grief). Nevertheless, there are also generic groups for the relatives of patients with cancer, but these are quiet uncommon. It is being accepted that patients with cancer may require psychological help, while this help is already not so usual in other contexts. Therefore, it is more difficult to find support for those persons who are part of the supportive network of the patient.

Since 2006, FEFOC has been organising support groups for the relatives of patients with cancer. We firmly believe that relatives need support and relief. Some of them have recently found out about the diagnosis of cancer in their family and face the difficult challenge of reorganising the established roles, talking to the patient and explaining to him/her either the whole problem or part of it.. Others are going through a more advanced phase and feel stressed by the situation, or have overcome cancer but lost their social network or employment status so that they have to change their life, etc. (see “Family” section). There are multiple situations in which a relative, friend or caregiver may require help. HELPING THE PERSON WHO CARES FOR THE PATIENT DOES NOT ONLY MEAN HELPING THE CAREGIVER, BUT ALSO HELPING THE PATIENT, AS HE/SHE WILL FEEL MUCH BETTER IF THE PERSON WHO CARES FOR HIM/HER FEELS RELAXED.

The FEFOC groups are free and open. Meetings are held on a monthly basis in BARCELONA, in the head office of the Foundation (c/ Enrique Granados, 111, 2º, 2ª, 08008 Barcelona (see map at

Please call +34 93 217 2182 for more information on this program.

Groups are conducted by a psychologist under the coordination and supervision of the FEFOC Foundation.

Our motto is “Caring for caregivers so that they can provide better care”

If you wish to participate in our support groups, please call FEFOC. Check the date of the next group meeting in our activity schedule. It is also possible to arrange an individual interview if you wish so.


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